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A/P repair
AAA - open
AAA repair - endovascular
Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair - open
Abdominal birth
Abdominal delivery
Abdominal exploration
Abdominal hysterectomy
Abdominal perineal resection
Abdominal wall defect repair
Abdominal wall surgery
Above knee amputation
Achalasia - esophagectomy
Achilles tendon release
Achilles tendon repair
Achilles tendon rupture-surgery
ACL reconstruction
Acquired heart disease
Adductor dysphonia-BTX
Adenoid removal
Adrenal gland removal
AK amputation
Allogenic bone marrow transplant
Ambulatory phlebectomy
Amputation - foot
Amputation - leg
Anesthesia - conscious
Aneurysm repair - cerebral
Aneurysm repair - endovascular
Angioplasty - carotid artery
Angioplasty - peripheral arteries
Angioplasty and stent placement - carotid artery
Angioplasty and stent placement - heart
Angioplasty and stent placement -- peripheral arteries
Ankle arthroplasty - total
Ankle replacement
Ankle surgery
Anorectal anomaly
Anorectal malformation repair
Anorectal plasty
Anterior and/or posterior vaginal wall repair
Anterior cruciate ligament repair
Anterior hip replacement
Anterior spinal fusion
Anterior vaginal wall repair
Anti-reflux surgery
Anti-reflux surgery - children
Anti-VEGF medications-intravitreal injection
Aorta-bifemoral bypass
Aortic aneurysm repair - endovascular
Aortic valve repair
Aortic valve replacement
Aortic valve surgery - minimally invasive
Aortic valve surgery - open
Aortic valvuloplasty
Aortobifemoral bypass
Appendix removal
Arthroplasty - shoulder
Arthroplasty - unicompartmental knee
Arthroscopy - hip
Arthroscopy - knee - meniscus transplant
Artificial kidneys
Artificial pacemaker
Artificial sphincter (AUS) - urinary
Ascending colectomy
ASD repair
Atrial septal defect repair
Augmentation mentoplasty
Autologous bone marrow transplant
Avastin-intravitreal injection
Axillo-bifemoral bypass
SSM Health | System Information